What is period bloating?

Bloating is a condition where the belly is swollen and causes pain, discomfort, and gives a stuffed feeling. Bloating before periods is one of the PMS(Pre Menstrual Syndrome) symptom

period bloating

What are the reasons for the period bloating?

  • The main reason for bloating before periods is due to hormone fluctuations during the menstrual cycle.
  • Before menstruation the hormones estrogen and progesterone levels are high which slows muscle contractions in intestines and bowel movements resulting in bloating.
  • The changes in the estrogen and progesterone levels cause the body to retain more water from food and cause bloating.

Note: Bloating may lead to nausea, diarrhea, constipation.

How to treat bloating?

There are a few lifestyle changes women can make that may help to reduce bloating.

Eat magnesium-rich foods:

Eating magnesium-rich foods help to neutralize stomach acids and improve bowel movements. 

Dark chocolate, banana, nuts, seeds, grains, green leafy vegetables are foods that have a high content of magnesium.

magnesium rich foods for period bloating (2)

Eat potassium-rich foods:

Consuming potassium-rich foods help to balance the sodium levels in the body when the sodium levels are high in the body then it causes fluid retention.

Brown rice, watermelon, coconut water, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, beetroot, apricot are foods rich in potassium.

potassium rich foods for period bloating

Avoid salty foods:

Salty foods have more amount of sodium content in them which increases water retention in the body.

Many processed foods contain large amounts of salts, Limit the amount of salt intake, to reduces bloating.

avoid salt food for period bloating

Drink herbal teas:

Consuming teas made with peppermint, ginger, fennel, chamomile, helps to relax intestine spasms, improves bowel movements and speeds up stomach emptying and reduces bloating.

herbal teas for period bloating


Physical activity supports the passage of gas through the body and reduces bloating pain.

Regular exercises like walking, yoga, stretching helps to decrease bloating.

exercise for period bloating


Cumin, lemon, tamarind are few other foods that help to stimulate the digestive system and reduces bloating by improving bowel movements.