CareBear Basic Period Kit
(With Organic Pads)


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Every kit comes with


From day to night, heavy flow to spotting days, We got your back!

Day Pads (Organic)

Night Pads (Organic)

Pantyliners (Organic)


Who wouldn’t love a chocolate!

A Chocolate

A Cramp Relieving Tea​

CareBear Basic Period kit Period pamper


With fun & engaging activities & content




CareBear Basic Period kit Period activities


Every women is different, so is our kit!




CareBear Basic Period kit Period personalization

With CareBear, No more

Buying Full Packs

Get what you required

Stares or Brown Lifafa

Delivered at home

Running Out of Pads

Deliver right before your periods, every month

Add Ons Available


These complete your menstrual hygiene troupe and provide 3600 hygiene

Disposable Bags

Toilet Seat Covers

Hand Sanitizer

Periods Made Comfortable!

CareBear period kit comes with everything you wish you had during periods


No, there are no extra charges. Please put the message in the order notes at checkout page.

Cash on delivery (COD) is available. Yes, there is Rs. 100 extra for it.

Please reach out to our team at with pads details and we will take care of it.

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