CareBear First Period Kit #GrowWithTheFlow


Has everything she needs to confidently make it through her menarche!

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What's in the Kit?

First Period Kit Period Knowledge Book

Period Knowledge

In your daughter’s journey of knowledge, we provide the right information at the right time, in a simple and irresistible flair. The information is divided and sent to you in 7 parts (one part per cycle), not loading her with knowledge but covering everything she needs to know.


Pre Period Book


Book 1 Symptoms


Book 2 Choose your pad


Book 3 Skipping Periods

First Period Kit Period products

Period Products

Best for one, not for all! We won’t let your daughter settle for anything less, but the best! We provide you with products of different brands and give you an opportunity to choose the most appropriate one for her.

Kit 1
Mix of Organic and Inorganic Pads

Kit 2 & 3
5 brands of organic/inorganic pads

First Period Kit Period Hygiene

Period Hygiene

We know how important it is to maintain hygiene during periods. The kit includes everything your daughter needs for a healthy and safe period.

Toilet Seat Covers

Disposable Bags

Hand Sanitizer


First Period Kit Period Food

Period Food

The kit includes personalized Period food based on the period symptoms. We satisfy your daughter’s food cravings and make her periods comfortable!


Snack bar


First Period Kit Period Prezzie

Period Prezzie

We understand your daughter and send her gifts to make her feel special. The kit also includes some fun and engaging activities she would love doing. We ensure happy periods for your daughter!

Carry Pouch

DIYs & Colouring

Period Diary

Heat Pad (Kit2)

How it Works?


  • Content Book
  • Sanitary Pads(16)
    2 brands of organic/ inorganic
  • Period hygiene
  • Period Diary
  • Period Activities
  • Pad Pouch
  • Period Food


  • Content Book
  • Sanitary Pads(15)
    3 brands of organic/
  • Period hygiene
  • Period Diary
  • Period Activities
  • Heat Pad
  • Period Food


  • Content Book
  • Sanitary Pads(16)
    One brand of choice
  • Period hygiene
  • Period Diary
  • Period Activities
  • Period Panties
  • Period Food

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